BFF’s Bicycle Safety Rodeo Program

BFF's Bicycle Rodeo.

BFF’s Bicycle Rodeo.

A bicycle rodeo is a fun way for kids from 5 to 18 years old to learn skills required to safely ride a bicycle. BFF’s team of certified cycling instructors has put together a program that can be held at your school or organization to make sure that your young folks know the rules of safe bicycling.

Our instructors will conduct equipment and helmet checks and teach proper techniques for riding, stopping, and steering on a fun skills course. Contact BFF today to arrange a bicycle rodeo for your group!

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2 Responses to BFF’s Bicycle Safety Rodeo Program

  1. PJ says:

    Please advise the FARMINGTON biking rules for riding on sidewalks, including children. And when a Rider is on a sidewalk along with a pedestrian who is walking his dog, who has the right of way?

    I think bike education is important, especially for our children!
    Thanks you!

    • Doug Gerlach says:

      In Farmington, cyclists may use the sidewalks. They must obey all laws regarding pedestrians (as opposed to moving vehicle laws) when they are using the sidewalks. There are no regulations regarding rights of way on sidewalks; the custom is that users keep to the right. Farmington regulations also state that dogs must be on leash and in the control of their owners, so it’s the dog owner’s responsibility to keep their pet out of the way of oncoming pedestrians or cyclists on the sidewalk.

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