Firefly Bike Ride to Debut on June 22nd

The road can be a dangerous place to ride a bike. I’m not telling you anything new. Sometimes, cyclists become an afterthought. Sometimes we are not thought of at all.

Oftentimes, road projects move forward without giving consideration to the needs of the cyclist. The reworking of RT 4 from RT 10 to the entrance ramp of Interstate 84 is an obvious example. Let me count the ways of how the state totally blew a chance at creating safer passage for two wheels on the way to West Hartford. Farmington will remain divided.

This event is not in the spirit of Critical Mass. Hogging lanes and breaking the rules of the road does nothing to endear others to the plights that we face daily. Public opinion can teeter as quickly as the shifting of gears. Our goal is not to enrage a public that is in the beginning stages of accepting us as equals. Instead, we need to portrait ourselves as ambassadors and caretakers to the notion of safe passage for all users of our roadways.

The intention of Firefly Bike Rides is to feel the living night from the seat of our bikes, to breathe the dark air and let it circulate inside because we can, and to show others that we are a passionate, if not slightly crazy sort of Pedal People.

Firefly Bike Rides will have the following requirements that must be followed in order to participate:

  • Helmets must be worn
  • Each rider must use a working headlight and taillight
  • All rules of the road will be followed. Stop signs and traffic lights will be obeyed
  • The group will ride single file and travel at an average speed of 10-12 mph
  • Reflective clothing is recommended

Our first ride will leave from the bike racks across from CVS at Riversedge Plaza in Unionville on Friday, June 22 @ 8:30 pm. The route will take us on RT 4 towards Farmington Center and then right onto RT 10. We will proceed and turn right onto Meadow Rd. Then, right onto New Britain Ave and back to Unionville Center.

We can discuss stopping for an after ride cocktail or bite to eat.

Join us just to feel the living night.

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