Join BFF for Farmington Clean-Up Day

Farmington Town-Wide Clean-UpSaturday April 25th is Farmington Clean-Up Day and we hope each of you can help our community out. For over a decade, the Farmington Community has come together to clean its roads and trails of litter. As you may recall from last year, the Farmington Green Efforts Committee sponsors a cleanup competition and one of the awards is for the community organization that picks up the most trash. This is a perfect opportunity for BFF to shine as a group while helping our town out.

Bicyclists have a great advantage in this competition; the miles we have pedaled in Farmington gives us a great advantage when it comes to knowing the messiest streets in town. Let’s use this knowledge to win!

Attached is the event flyer. This will provide you with information about this worthwhile activity. What should become apparent is that much of the clean up activity can actually be done prior to Saturday. If your Saturday morning is very busy, you can still help by picking up some litter on Wednesday, Thursday, and/or Friday and just drop it off at a station on Saturday. In fact, if you have no time on Saturday, you can help by picking up some litter on Wednesday, Thursday, and/or Friday and having a friend (like one of us!) drop it off at a station on Saturday and tell them that the trash is from a member of the BFF (Bicycle Friendly Farmington) Team.

All BFF members can help and with all the excitement around the Adorno Rides, BFF is touching more people than ever. You can either collect litter by your self, with your family, or with fellow BFFers. Feel free to organize groups to work together.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact John Vibert by email or at 860-874-3747. Thank you!

And remember: The competition is simple. Whoever picks up the most trash wins.

Download PDF flyer for Farmington Clean Up_2015.


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