Bicycle Safety Rodeo

Are you associated with a school or children’s organization in the Farmington Valley? Bicycle Friendly Farmington is available to teach bicycle safety skills  to your group as part of a bicyle rodeo.

13164312_10209241357900786_973900297989857918_nA bicycle rodeo is a fun way for kids from elementary school through high school to learn how to safely ride a bicycle. Our team of certified cycling instructors lead your kids through a series of skill tests that help them learn proper techniques for starting, riding, stopping, avoiding obstacles, and steering.

A series of  short and fun courses in a protected area gives every participant a chance to practice with stations that include:

  • Rock dodge.
  • Turtle race.
  • Starting and stopping.
  • Figure 8 course.

In addition, we conduct equipment and helmet checks to instill safe bicycling habits.

Contact Doug Gerlach, LCI, today to discuss the costs and other considerations for your group’s event. We’ll work with you to customize the length and features of the bicycle rodeo so that the event is age appropriate, safe, fun, and educational for all.

Following are some photos from one of BFF’s bicycle rodeo events.